CP is committed to people and communities building towards a self-reliant society

CP, for sustainability, has made a commitment to conduct its business with social and environmental responsibility. One of its three commitments is to move towards a self-reliant society of people and communities. They strive for sustainable growth and encourage participation from partners, farmers, and the community. CP is open to listening to problems and needs and is ready to work with their partners to develop operational guidelines that positively impact lives. They want to support and promote the potential of the organization in terms of resources, personnel, and knowledge. CP encourages people to work together to create positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts in society. They also aim to build partnerships and alliance networks throughout their value chain, including relevant stakeholders, to enhance the quality of life of the community.

Operation guidelines of CP for people and communities

Engaging with partners, farmers, and community members to listen to their problems and needs, and jointly developing operational guidelines to improve their lives.

Providing support and promoting positive impacts in society by utilizing the organization’s resources, personnel, and knowledge to assist partners, farmers, and community members.

Establishing collaborations and networking alliances with relevant stakeholders throughout the company’s value chain to develop operational guidelines that enhance the quality of life in the community.

Cultivating respect for human rights within the organization by implementing relevant and communicative policies for employees and business partners, and strengthening human rights and labor practices.

Regularly conducting human rights risk assessments to identify and improve management of human rights and labor practices, and mitigate any negative impacts that may arise every three years.

Opening channels to receive complaints or reports, and taking effective corrective action to manage and address issues.

Monitoring and disclosing the organization’s performance on human rights and labor practices with transparency through various channels.

Reviewing and improving management plans to address impacts and take effective corrective action.

Article and picture credit: PR CPF, CP All, CPF Worldwide (https://www.cpfworldwide.com/th/sustainability/social/social_impact)