Commitment to food and beverage quality

The company aims to promote sustainable use of raw materials by sourcing raw materials domestically. They conduct their business with responsibility to all stakeholders, following their sustainable sourcing policy. The company sets ethical guidelines for partners, including criteria for recruiting and selecting potential business partners, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and guidelines for promoting, supporting, and developing the potential of partners in the procurement process and supply chain management. This enables them to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers, communities, and society.

The company also promotes distribution channels for agricultural and organic products. They consider the distance from the planting area to the suitable selling place to maintain product quality and freshness during transportation to the hands of consumers. They have also developed work processes to help reduce environmental impacts and promote product traceability to ensure sustainable use of raw materials. The company follows a sustainability operation process for partners, which includes recruiting and selecting potential partners, compliance with laws and regulations, supplier risk assessment, promoting and supporting the potential development of partners in the procurement process, and responsible supply chain management. They regularly assess the sustainability performance of suppliers and maintain long-term relationships with them in accordance with sustainable development guidelines. They also promote various fields to reward performance, including good sustainability.

Sustainability Process for Suppliers

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