Commitment to food and beverage quality

CP All Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries are committed to promoting good health and nutrition through their health and nutrition policy. This policy covers various food product groups and includes providing access to information and communication about food production processes that comply with the country’s regulations and standards. The company also ensures that product labels display clear details about the product, including information on promoting good health and access to healthy activities for consumers.

To develop healthy food products, the company collaborates with both internal and external agencies to exchange knowledge, seek advice, and participate in research and development. They focus on creating sugar-free, color-free, fat-free food products, as well as fiber supplements and iron supplements. The company also selects quality raw materials from responsible sources that are certified and traceable to avoid the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

In addition to promoting healthy food products, the company also formulates strategies to create awareness among customers. They adjust the image of 7-Eleven stores and arrange healthy food products in a more convenient way for consumers. They also organize campaigns to encourage the consumption of health and nutrition products.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the company has taken measures to maintain cleanliness and safety in their 7-Eleven stores to build customer confidence. These measures include regular cleaning of touch areas, designating service areas to maintain distance, requiring customers to wear masks and check their temperature before entering the store, and educating and communicating with employees about epidemic prevention measures. Employees are required to clean their hands every time they touch goods.